L’Oréal Paris is launching this February 2016 a new hair color product, to conceal roots in an instant L’Oréal Paris

The formula is simple : it is a mix of iron oxide pigments in a blend of silicone oils (trimethylsiloxysilicate / triethoxycaprylylsilane / methyl trimethicone).

It seems that L’Oréal had some concerns with the use instructions, as the products sold in the supermarket were relabeled (see pictures below). The difference between the initial label and the new label is the recommended distance between the spray and the scalp : initially it was 5 cm, and the new distance is 10 cm. There were very probably safety concerns during the use tests every cosmetic company conducts on the products before launch.


LOrealParis_Magic_Retouch_photo1 LOrealParis_Magic_Retouch_photo2




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