INCI name of polymers supplied by Daito Kasei under the tradename Makimousse. They are water absorbing polymers. They are sold as a powder that swell very easily with water, in the shape of very little polymeric balls.

There are 4 grades of Makimousse : Makimousse 7, 12, 25 and 400, each number represent the mean size of the swelled polymeric balls.

Makimousse 7, 12 and 25 can be used in leave on skincare. Makimousse 7 will give shiny and smooth textures. Due to the increased size of the swelled balls of Sodium Polyacrylate Starch, Makimousse 12 will give smooth and frosted textures, and Makimousse 25 matte and frosted textures. All three are presented by Daito Kasei as rheology modifiers, while Makimousse 400, with its much larger size, is recommended as gentle exfoliating agent.

Makimousse Textures

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