Extract of a red algae, supplied by several suppliers including Silab under the tradename Deglysome or BiotechMarine (part of Seppic) under the tradename Biorestorer.

Silab Deglysome is claimed to protect the skin from deleterious damages caused by cellular and tissular glycation, being rich in galactans from Hypnea musciformis algae. Neutralizing the AGEs, this active ingredient maintains the cytoskeleton through the vimentin organization and cell metabolism. Moreover, DEGLYSOME® preserves the matrix integrity by activating the formation of collagen and fibrillin networks. Thanks to its targeted actions, DEGLYSOME® reinforces the tissue functionality and allows the skin to keep its elasticity and to look younger. This active is thus recommended in all firming skin care products.

BiotechMarine Biorestorer is a blend of Hypnea musciformis extract, Water and Butylene glycol. BIORESTORER® by BiotechMarine (SEPPIC) acts as a conditioning, restructuring and film forming agent. It is obtained from seaweed extract. BIORESTORER® reconstitutes protective film through galactan sulfate. Moreover, it provides cuticle smoothening and brightness to hair. BIORESTORER® finds application in formulating dry hair-care products.

Both ingredients are film former thanks to its richness in galactans.

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