Dior One Essential Ultra Detox Treatment Mask

Dior is adding this November 2011 a new product to its Capture Totale One Essential range.

The new “Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask” is a formula claimed to fight against toxins causing accelerated aging of skin. Dior added Detoxinyle. This active is the star ingredient of the One Essential Range. As already seen in the One Essential Serum, it is a Plankton Extract, and more precisely an extract of Phaeodactylum Tricornutum sold Soliance under the name Megassane. In the Mask, the Detoxinyle is claimed to be “concentrated at the point of saturation”. The texture of this new formula is emphasized : “it transforms into a melt-away mask”.

Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask

In terms of results, Dior claims that :

– on the surface : “skin is luminous and smooth”, its texture is “visibly refined”

– deeper : skin is “detoxified” and “prepared to benefit from the ingredients of all subsequently applied skincare treatments”

The One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask is recommended to be used once or twice a week, applied for 10 minutes. The excess is removed with a spatula.

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