Diadermine Dr Caspari Hormoderm range

Henkel is launching this September 2011 a new range dedicated to combat the effect of menopause on skin aging.

Diadermine extends it Doctor brand “Dr Caspari” with a new range of product named “Hormoderm” dedicated to fight against the consequences of Menopause on skin aging. This new range is made of three new formulas :

Hormoderm Day Anti-aging Care

Diadermine Dr Caspari Hormoderm Day Care

Hormoderm Night Anti-aging Care

Diadermine Dr Caspari Hormoderm Night Care

Hormoderm Eye Care

Diadermine Dr Caspari Hormoderm Eye Care

As already seen on Diadermine Dr Caspari Novagen range, Henkel is talented to communicate on a concept usually difficult to approach in cosmetic. For Novagen, it was the stem cells, and for Hormoderm, it is hormones. The trick is to use the word “hormone” in the name of the range (“Hormoderm”), and to find an active ingredient that fits with the concept. Here, Henkel works with an apple seed extract combined with peptides. To link them to hormones, they are said to “mimic somes modes of actions of hormones”, a very “soft” claim : they are not actually hormones, or even phyto-hormones like soy isoflavones are. These isoflavones were used in the past for a equivalent menopause concept in Vichy Novadiol range.

And appart from these allusions to hormones in the name of the range and in the star ingredient name, the properties of the formulas are very very classical for the menopause target : anti-wrinkle, re-densifying and moisturizing formulas.

Once again, Henkel has used marketing tricks to communicate on a subject appealing to consumers, here hormones and menopause.

Active Ingredients

The range is built around a star active ingredient, the “Phyto-Peptide Hormone”, the combination of appel seeds extract and peptides, claimed to “”mimic some modes of action of hormones and supports the skin’s regeneration”.

Day and Night formulas are also claimed to contain Argan Oil and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids said to “provide intensive moisture”.

The Day formula is also claimed to provide a UV protection.

Communication & Claims

According to Diadermine, menopause causes :

– wrinkles

– loss of skin density

– lack of moisture

The three formulas claim efficacy results on those three points :

– anti-wrinkle effect : “skin is measurably firmer and feels incredibly soft”, “fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced”

– re-densifying properties for Day and Night formulas : the skin is claimed to “regain lost substance by up to 25% improved skin density (in-vitro test)”

– anti-fatigue effect for the Eye formula: claimed to “reduce the signs of fatigue for a younger and fresher look”

– moisturizing properties : moisture level claimed to be improved within 24 hours by 42% for the Day formula, by 51% for the Night formula. The Eye formula claims a “long-lasting” moisturization “up to 48 hours”.

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  1. I am trying to buy Diadermine intense Elastin moisturizer but can not find it on the interneet. I bought it in Austria a few years ago. Is it still on the market if so please let me know where I can get it and how much it would cost. The brand is schwarzkopf-henkel
    Regards Brigitte

    1. Dear Brigitte,
      Diadermine is sold in France also, maybe on French website you could find the product ?

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