RoC Radiance Rejuvenate / Repulpant Eclat

Johnson and Johnson is planning to launch a Radiance Rejuvenate under its RoC brand in September 2011.

UPDATE : read the Technical Analysis of the new RoC Radiance Rejuvenate range on CosmetoScope

The french pharmacy skincare brand RoC will launch worldwide in September 2011 a new range named Radiance Rejuvenate / Repulpant Eclat. It targets the first signs of aging of 30 year old and more women.

RoC Radiance Rejuvenate / Repulpant Eclat

The range is made of 3 formulas :

– a Smoothing Cream for normal and combination skin SPF 15

– a Smoothing Cream for dry and sensitive skin SPF 15

– a Radiance Activating Water, a facial cleanser

The formula is claimed to improve skin radiance through several active ingredients : glycolic acid, silk particles, magnesium, zinc and copper, and star ingredient : Celldetox, claimed to cleanse skin on cellular level.

Actually, Celldetox is a brand owned by Silab. This active ingredient was launched by Silab in 2009. Its INCI name Hydrolyzed Candida Saitoana Extract. Extracted from yeast, this active ingredient is claimed by Silab to “boost the autophagy system: it ­stimulates the formation of autophagosomes, responsible for sequestering altered cell constituents, and ­delivers them for lysosomal degradation”. The consequence is that Celldetox is said to “reinforces the cell detoxification ­process: it reduces the level of oxidised proteins and peroxidised lipids”. Following these biological properties, it has been demonstrated that Silab’s Celldetox reduces the visible signs of age and restores natural radiance to skin, which are exactly the global properties of new RoC Radiance Rejuvenate / Repulpant Eclat products. Silab owns patent #WO/2011/027085 on this active ingredient. More details available here on Celldetox.


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