L'Oréal Age Expertise

L’Oréal has launched in November 2015 in Aldi (a european network of low cost supermarkets) and March 2016 everywhere else a new range of 3 skincare creams in jars under then brand “Age Expertise”.

This range, with a lower price point than other L’Oreal Paris face cares, is very probably an answer to the success of low cost networks. Big brands are not prone to sell their products in such shops as they cannot manage as well their image as in traditional ones, and as costs are key. They also need to compete to the own skincare brand of low cost networks, like Cien, the skincare brand of Lidl, who started in 2016 to advertise on TV on their Q10 anti-wrinkle.

Usually in L’Oreal Paris line-up, products are organized by concerns (glow, wrinkles, firmness,…), and products under the same range are offered as a routine (cleansers, face care, eye care). This time, under the Age Expertise range, products are organized by age.

When comparing carefully these 3 products to the exisiting L’Oreal Paris creams, the 35+ looks like the Wrinkle Decrease / Collagen Filler Cream, the 45+ like the Revitalift Cream, and the 55+ like the Age Perfect Cream, but to be confirmed looking carefully at the INCI lists.

– 35+ :

Anti-wrinkle moisturizer for women between 35 and 45, with collagene as star ingredient

– 45+

Intensive anti-wrinkle care, for womnbetween 45 and 55, with “retino peptides” as star ingredient

– 55+

Redensifying anti-wrinkle care for women between 55 and 65, with calcium as star ingredient.

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