Chanel Précision

Now available : a comprehensive inventory of Chanel Precision products.

We have established comprehensive inventory of Chanel Précision products. We added the countries where each product is available, according to Chanel official websites.

Chanel Précision is quite a complete range of skincare products, addressing most of skin concerns (wrinkles, firmness, oily skin, radiance, hydration, …etc) with a large routine.

A given range of product can include a scrub, a cleanser (rinse-off and/or wipe-off), a mask, a toner, a serum, a day care and a night care. It is worth to notice that all the franchises of Chanel have a Serum.

For Asia, a specific range of whitening product is available (White Essentiel), and a specific product has been added to all the franchises : a “nanolotion”, very probably a milky water. This product is typical of the Asian skincare routine (very fluid emulsion to be applied above the cosmetic water – a aquous lotion, and before the cream / lotion).


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